Are You A Sexy Fashion Addict?

It’s clear there is an epidemic going around in the world of fashion. There are certain women who would define themselves as sexy fashion addicts. These are women who love their bodies and are very in touch with their sexuality. They love wearing clothing like mini-skirts, halter tops and sexy heels. But their one weakness […]


The bustier and corsets are strong internal use but have different benefits. Corsets are made to mold/shape your physique into an hourglass figure, tying tightly around your waist. Considering the bustiers are intended to accentuate their curves, fitting tightly under the bust and uplifting their busts. Bustiers are incredibly versatile bass clothes. Not only do […]


Sexy bodysuits usually are not your typical lingerie. Bodysuits are much more of a walk on the wild side. Bodysuits are referred to by a few other names. You might also hear them called bodystockings or catsuits. Bodysuits are sort-of like a leotard that covers your entire body. That is, they have long legs and […]

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