Why Aftercare is So Important in Role Play

Sexy roleplay can be a lot of fun in a relationship, but it is also important to know the difference between role play and reality. That’s why aftercare is so important.

Aftercare is the time couples spend together after they are done with their scene. It can involve them cuddling together, talking together or sleeping together.

Basically, aftercare is put in place to give the partners a chance to return to reality. They can talk about what they did and did not like about what just happened. Criticism should be accepted in a non-judgmental way. This gives both partners a chance to learn more about each other and improve their relationship to make for better sessions in the future.

Aftercare can be used in any type of roleplay, but it is especially important in BDSM sex. BDSM involves a slave and a master and, even though consent should always play a huge role, in can be easy to cross certain lines in the heat of the moment. While slaves may get hurt or feel excessively humiliated, masters may also do things they are not comfortable with.

Aftercare gives both partners a chance to reconcile what they’ve done and heal emotionally and physically. They can express how they feel about those actions and talk about how they can make changes in the future to make their couples role play ideas more enjoyable for both of them.

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BDSM can be a lot of fun but make sure to have some time to devote to aftercare. This will help you forge a healthy and long-lasting relationship both of you can enjoy for some time to come.

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