Are You A Sexy Fashion Addict?

It’s clear there is an epidemic going around in the world of fashion. There are certain women who would define themselves as sexy fashion addicts.

These are women who love their bodies and are very in touch with their sexuality. They love wearing clothing like mini-skirts, halter tops and sexy heels. But their one weakness is lingerie.

Read on to find out if you are a sexy fashion addict and what to do if this is the case.

Sexy Fashion Addict Symptoms

A sexy fashion addict may be shopping at a local mall when all of a sudden, they will see their favorite lingerie shop. They may be going to the mall to get a toaster, but once they see this shop it’s all over. They are instantly diverted and there is little they can do to stop their lusty impulses to buy sexy lingerie.

Once the sexy fashion addict enters the store, there is no telling how long she will stay. Depending on her tastes, she may take hours finding the perfect erotic lingerie.

In a trancelike state, she will visit the dressing room with about twenty different kinds of teddy lingerie and at least five pieces of babydoll lingerie. She will ask the saleswomen what they think of her looks until they are ready to throw her out of the store. Then, just around closing time, she will head up to the counter with her many, many sexy pieces.

She will leave the store having maxed out all of her credit cards and go home toaster-less.

Sexy Fashion Addict Treatments

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Fashion addicts tend to be harmless and, because they do not pose a threat to most people, they are often gone untreated. In fact, because they look so sexy, a lot of people encourage their behavior. However, fashion addicts deal with several problems like overloaded closets, lost panties and garter belts and bank accounts in the negative.

Therapy is recommended but the rate of relapse is very high.

Are You a Sexy Fashion Addict?

Sexy fashion addiction is something that can really creep up on a person. You may find yourself in lingerie shops more often. You may start wearing pieces of sexy clothing like one piece lingerie under skirts and jeans as outerwear. You may notice that the shelves of your closet are starting to cave under the weight of your sexy clothing.

If this is happening, we recommend…you do nothing. That’s right! Just keep on being your sexy self…although maybe you should hide just a couple of those credit cards, just in case.

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